Friday, 23 June 2017

Am I leading my life the way I want ?

One of the lingering questions a few of us will have at some point in time is “Am I leading my life the way I want?" .Particularly, this question come to those who had fulfilled the basic need of the survival. This question comes when there is a conflict of interest in what we are doing now and what we like to do.Some people label it as passion.

As I witnessed that  some people answered the question, led a path rightly and some people struggle to find the right answer themselves.

This calls for structured process as follows

1.First, accept this disturbance as such.You are disturbed by this question because you are destined for something else, that is good. 

2.Allow some time  for settling down as  any quick emotional decision  may  affect  the quality of life

3.Spend time privately for reflection  both on logical and emotional  outcome  of  any decision you take 

4.Seek  the help from genuine coaches who can work with you without bias  on your values/beliefs and guide you  to choose the right decision  by yourselves  

5.Experiment your passion without giving up your current path as reality will give a clarity whether your passion is sustainable or not. Based on the experience, you can decide your path.

Finally, you are the master of your life, own any decision what may come and enjoy the process!!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Being happy to be successful

 One day a successful businessman was called to address the gathering on the topic being happy in life.The speaker also was happily sharing his experience. On completion upon his speech, one person from the audience approached the speaker and said, “You are successful in your business that is why you are happy. You do not know how much effort I am putting to be successful, how can I be happy “

The speaker stopped him and said, “I am happy not because I am successful, it is another way round, and I am successful because I am always happy”.

This statement is profound.Being happy is a state of mind irrespective of environment or status. When the mind is happy, it can think through the ways to be successful in any Endeavour.

In reality, most of the time, we tend to be happy only and if some favorable conditions are met. There should not be any reason to be happy.It just requires awareness.

Be happy and makes other happy with your presence!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why do we trust some people as leader?

In a professional environment, we come across a lot of people either as colleagues, subordinates, boss.Only a few people, we admire as a leader and have trust.With this belief, we sometimes even adopt them as our role model, mentor, guide, coach, and well-wisher.

What makes difference between others and leaders? Only two factors make us believe that they are our leader. One is CHARACTER and second is COMPETENCY.

The character could be boldness, firmness, approachable, attitude towards helping others and so on as we see as the positive soft factors.
Competency could be their functional and managerial skills like technical mastery, problem-solving skill, decision making, thought process and communication capabilities as we see as positive hard factors.

When either character or competence lacks with reference to their position, we start to disregard them as leaders and lose trust. Now, relate this to any personalities from your professional, media, politics or in sports background and you find that those who trusted as leader once upon a time lost their shine when they missed character or competency in line with their positional status!!!

The point is, in professional or business environment, if you like to scale up your career from individual performer to leader/role model, you need to continuously enhance your character and competency.This character and competency building is a lifelong effort as any professional growth demands.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to change bad impression in workplace ?

In the workplace, others form a perception about us and the interactions are all based on the perception. If the perception about us is good, then it is ok, what if the impression is bad? Is it easy to change? 

Our mind does not want to spend energy frequently to change the stored information. For instance, we register some brands are trusted for quality and will never change the perception even a small disturbance happened to the brands like in the case of  Cadbury, TATA , and Nestle etc.

If this way our mind works, how do we change the bad impression of others about us? For example, as an individual, others formed the perception that you are a latecomer to the office. How would you change that perception? Only by showing repeated evidence of coming to office on time, then only others change their perception about you. 

Similarly, as an organization, if your customer has the impression that you are not sensitive to quality service, it is difficult to change unless you repeatedly show evidence with your improved customer service. 

The point is 

1. We are allowing others to form perception about us through our behavior and action
2. Once it is formed, it is difficult to change 
3. To change the perception, consistent, repetitive evidence to be shown to others to change 

It is better to take responsibility to give the positive impression at first instance and in worst case take responsibility to change with repeated efforts.In reality, perception plays a major role in professional and business success!!!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What should do when you feel low ?


 Sometimes we are skeptical about the future and feel low about business growth or financial status or even professional improvements or quality of life.During those moments,“Possibilities thinking” may be useful to get confidence or overcoming the skeptic mindset.
        For example, observe any successful people from business, sports, media, politics, etc., You may realize that their background was ordinary or much worse than yours. How they became successful is that due to their self-belief.But before they believe themselves, they thought the possibilities of becoming successful or achieving something great.They believed in the possibilities of better tomorrow than today.That possibility thinking only made them successful.
        Similarly, look at the developments in all the fields like connectivity of the world through the internet, mobile communication, affordability of transportation modes, education, healthcare inventions, etc which was not imaginable a few decades ago. Today it has become reality as someone was thinking about the possibilities of changing from better to best.
         In essence, what was not possible yesterday becomes reality today and it is the result of possibilities thinking of humanity. Hence, when you feel low, think about new possibilities in your life either business turnaround, personal transformation or improving the quality of life, it will become reality with right actions!  

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Corporate Chanakya

Recently happened to read this book and one of the best management books from Indian origin. Even though there are many books available on management, most of the books are western orientation. In this book, the author simplified the Kautilya’s Arthashastra, which was written by Chanakya, who lived in 4th century in then India. He was then considered as leadership guru and he documented his ideas of leadership and management to govern the country in the form of 6000 sutras. To put simply, this land had a genius with great wisdom on management.

This book brings back ancient Indian management wisdom in modern, contemporary format.

Must read book for business heads or the people aspiring for leading others. Recommend this book to get a new perspective about leadership and management.

link is given below

Friday, 5 May 2017

Embrace the sharks


 Many years ago, Japanese fishers had a business challenge with the fishes they were delivering to their customers. After capturing the fish in the sea and by the time they reach the land shore, the fish died and lost their taste. The fishermen tried different processes to keep the fishes fresh till entering the land, but could not succeed. Finally, they came with the idea to put the captured fishes in a small tank along with a small shark.

     During the travel from deep sea to land, shark used to eat a few fishes. The rest of the fishes who fought with the shark to save the life looked fresh, energetic once they reach the land shore. What made the fishes energetic and fresh? The challenges those faced through shark made them fresh and dynamic.

     In our life also, either in business or personal life, we need more challenges like going beyond comfort, trying something new which we have not done earlier, surpassing our own limitations etc.The challenges make us more engaged and active.If we get challenges only from the survival perspective, life would be miserable. If the challenges are bringing more out of us, then it would be positive pressure.

The problems and challenges are meant to bring a new personality of you. Let us embrace the real challenges or shark in our life